Got font?

The Got Milk? typeface is Phenix American. Looks like it needs a little kerning before it looks right, but that’s OK. Agfa will sell it to you for twenty-two bucks. I know I wanted this information for some reason, so I’ll just tuck it away here until I can remember why I wanted it.

Late edit: no, I will not send you the font. Someone spent a great deal of time creating the font, and if you want to use it you ought to pay for it.



    don’t tell me you’re gonna pay!

  2. you dont need to pay!!! i got it for free!!

  3. dude pleaes hook me up with the got milk font. thanks a bunch.

  4. Hey, I was wondering if you could send me the “got milk” font. I can’t find any free downloads and I don’t want to pay the 22 dollars just to use it once.

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