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Category: Navel-Gazing

Time trials

I converted this blog over to WordPress 1.5, out of curiosity. For some reason, the front page takes about ten times longer to load in WordPress. I probably won’t be switching any time soon.


Population: One is now running Movable Type 3.14. It’s almost a mathematical constant! I also upgraded MT Blacklist to match. Let me know if you see any problems.

Fish and fowl

They’re not personal blogs. They’re not generalist blogs. Oh, hell, I read enough of ‘em — I guess they’re Historical Blogs. Thus, Bostonia, a lovely little series of explorations of Boston’s rich history; Old is the New New, “with a special interest in the history of technology and business in America and the world”; Cliopatria, a lot of smart people talking about history together; and Pillow Talk, a blogaptation of Sei Shonagon’s “Pillow Book.”

(“Blogaptation”: my entry in the ongoing contest for the most painful neologism involving the word “weblog.” But really, it’s hard to beat the original “blog,” isn’t it?)

Keeping tabs

I just installed and sorta tested Chad Everett’s MT-Notifier. If all goes as planned, you can now subscribe to comment threads either when you post a comment or without posting a comment. I could make it possible to subscribe to all the comments posted on Popone, too, if there’s a deluge of demand, but I’m kinda not anticipating one.

Oh, and I have six gmail invites, first come first serve.

Kip up

Look, ma, I upgraded to Movable Type 3.1! It’s cool. I am pondering my commenting options; it seems not impossible that I will set the blog to post TypeKey-authenticated comments immediately while screening non-TypeKey-authenticated comments; the legitimate non-TK comments would still get posted, just with a bit of a delay. Or maybe not, since I haven’t had a ton of comment spam recently. Thoughts, bearing in mind that the easiest thing for all of you (no screening, no worries) requires more effort on my part (deleting spam comments)?