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Tracking Mail

A bout of wrestling with my mail spool brought it down to a mere 50-odd messages. Go me! I am now graphing this as an aid to diligence:

Daily Mail Spool Size

Weekly Mail Spool Size

Um. I will edit those images so as to be visible on the blog later.

American Gangster

Check off American Gangster on the Oscars list. I don’t think I’ll bother to do a whole review. It was okay, very competent, not great. Ruby Dee got an Oscar nomination for like five minutes of acting, which was probably not deserved.

100 Best Films You’ve Never Heard Of — Done!

Finished entering the 100 best films you’ve never heard of etc. Man, for a site with a cool concept, the interface for adding things to lists is painful. Well, no, more correctly, the search interface is atrocious. You can literally search on a full title, find nothing, then search on the first two words of the title and get the movie you want.

It could also use some data normalization. They key on Amazon entries, which is wise, since the revenue stream is Amazon affiliate links. However, there’s no linkage, so if you note that you’ve consumed a movie in one format there’s no record of it being consumed in any other.

… OK, that’s nitpicking. I know it’d be a huge amount of work. I’d love to see a way for users to do the work, though.

Job Hunt Progress

The job hunt is going quite well. I had a face to face interview Thursday, which I feel optimistic about; I also had a good phone interview today, and will be hearing back from them on Monday. Plus a couple more phone interviews next week. Plus maybe an interview in California. So I couldn’t feel too much better about my progress so far, although there’s obviously a ways to go.

Abbi Upgrades

Ran Naxx tonight; Abbi got Abomination Shoulderblades and the Amulet of Autopsy. Both are raid items, so I’ve defacto got best in slot for neck and shoulders covered. This also means I don’t need to spend badges on the Chained Military Gorget, which accordingly means I’ll be able to pick up the Waistguard of Living Iron soonish.

I should make progress on tasks that don’t involve Abbi this weekend, perhaps.

Abbi Gloves & Ring

Abbi got Heros’ Dreadnaught Handguards and the Titanium Earthguard Ring today. That’s best in slot pre-raid for the hands, and probably best in slot pre-raid for one ring slot. The Kirin Tor exalted gloves are good but I want the two piece T7 bonus.

Haven’t done the full target list yet; should do that at some point.

The Savages

I saw The Savages for the Oscar task; not bad, not great. I have no objections at all to Laura Linney’s performance, and I sort of assume Phillip Seymour Hoffman would have gotten the nomination for this if he hadn’t been nominated for Charlie Wilson’s War.

My review is here.

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