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Three Colors: Blue, 1993 – ★★★★★

Like a bolt of lightning. I’ve been meaning to see this forever, and now I’m kicking myself for waiting. So many aspects of this are perfect.

The music! It’s not just that the soundtrack is good, although it is; it’s that Kieslowski and the screenwriter, Piesiewicz, built the movie on top of the music. The degree of difficulty is higher because the music has to mean as much to us — who are hearing it for the first time — as it does to Julie, whose relationship with it is much deeper.

Binoche is astounding. There’s a scene (more than one) where she’s acting with nothing more than the tension in the muscles of her neck, as seen from behind.

The grace with which the movie understands Julie’s grief, offers a path out of it, yet never leads us to dislike her for giving into it… just an eloquent, difficult, meticulous balance.

I’m going to be sitting with this one for a while.

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