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Daguerréotypes, 1976 – ★★★★

I loved the empathy of this movie, and I loved the unabashed humor: juxtaposing the butcher’s carcasses with the most frightening of the magic tricks is completely on the nose. I think it’s in service of a thesis, though.

It’s relevant that the magician’s act is science-fictionally themed. There are a million moments in this movie about transitions: country people moving into the city, the transition of time as shopkeepers grow old, the invasion of cars onto a street that wasn’t really designed for them.

“Where did you come from? How did you get here?”

Our magician isn’t just a fancy show, extraneous to the life of Rue Daguerre. He’s a signal that change never ends, but also that change isn’t an ending. Wherever this street winds up, it will still be the same street.

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