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Spider-Man: No Way Home, 2021 – ★★★½

Spoilers follow.

This was almost really good. The storytelling possibilities created by the multiverse and the decades of Spider-Man movies aren’t available to most filmmakers; the Bond series comes close, but even there you couldn’t get that scene where three Peter Parkers are sharing their pain to find the strength to keep going. It was an extraordinary moment between three pretty good actors.

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch chatting with Alfred Molina was so eloquent it felt like it came from a different movie altogether. Probably one with butlers.

Pity about the flaccid bits. We maybe needed three villains total: Doc Ock and Green Goblin, because they’re holding down all the emotional weight, and then I guess Electro as the heavy? Although I’d have loved to see Michael Keaton’s Vulture grabbing that slot somehow. Everyone else is just marking time and dropping Easter eggs.

And it was still good! But it wasn’t top tier Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  1. Regis Regis

    Yeah, I finally watched it the other night and it was … middling MCU. Some of the interaction between the spider-guys was really charming, though.

    • Yeah. I think Jon Watts made the right choice to step away from superhero movies for a while. I saw his second movie, Cop Car, up at Fantasia and he’s got a ton to offer outside blockbusters.

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