13 Years

As always and forever, thank you.


For nearly 20 years I didn’t have to do much business travel. These days life is different. When my trip frequency rose above once per month I evolved a bag strategy which is both imperfect and functional. It is also very heavy on the Tom Bihn gear, because I like his bags and I tend to stick with things that work well enough. Other companies also make great stuff; my former boss swears by WaterField bags, for example. Choice is awesome.

My general theme is simplicity. Painless packing is the single most important aspect of this whole thing so keeping it simple is important. Particularly when it comes to cables, I’ve often just bought an extra cable so I don’t worry about remembering to pick one up and carry it with me. This is useful to me because I’m really forgetful. I am, obviously, fortunate to be able to make that tradeoff.
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CopyrightX, Part 2

Awesome first six weeks! At which point we had a major reorg at work and I went from doing architectural work and consulting to managing an awesome team of 20 people. No regrets, but it does mean I can’t work from home as effectively, particularly for the first couple of months as I get familiar with the team and vice versa. Thus, no more Friday AM sessions and I’ve had to drop out of the course.

On the other hand, I’m definitely finishing up the lectures, cause they’re awesome.

In general I think the course and the teaching methodology is good. The sessions are law school style as I understand it: lots of case studies and discussion on the finer points of philosophy and the law. The lectures are all on YouTube. This seems smart. Discussion could be a little fragmented since we had both voice and textual chat running in parallel. In my experience, text chat can drown out the voice in those cases: you’ve got 20 people typing and one person talking.

I’m also way interested in the idea of using the MOOC as an adjunct to a traditional course. Our section leader was I believe a student in the professor’s traditional course, running concurrently? That’s gotta be a great learning boost.

Anyway, bummed to be one of the percentage who dropped, but glad to have had the experience.

CopyrightX: Bryant’s First MOOC

I got into CopyrightX! I’m very excited about this; it’s a subject near and dear to my heart and admission is competitive. The course begins this week with readings, a video lecture, and a discussion group on Friday. The syllabus is online, for the curious.

My discussion group looks fairly amazing. We have a couple of techies, at least one lawyer, an academic — really varied group in terms of age, careers, and especially location. Unsurprisingly, it’s a bunch of people who are good at expressing themselves with the written word. I’m finding myself excited about interacting with this bunch, which I didn’t really think about or expect.

I am going to try and blog along and talk about the material itself plus my thoughts on the online education methodologies. No promises but it seems like a good study aid. I’ll tag the posts as copyx and add a category if I can figure out the right one.

12 Years

As always, thank you.

Thank You, World

As always, I am grateful for the kindness with which you reacted to our tragedy.

10 Years On

As always: thank you, world.

Sudden Realization of A Void

I just realized that I am completely without a personalized letterhead.


I am currently the proud owner of the Twitter accounts SarahPalinUSSR and SarahPalinEU, to offset SarahPalinUS, but I’m not quite sure what I should do with ’em. Any ideas?

Although now that I look at it, she seems to have gone back to her old account. Darn it.

That's not right

So I wander into my break room at work today and I see this:


“Golden French Toast.”

On one of those little cups you stick in the coffee machine and it makes coffee. We have a bunch of various types. This is new to me. I figured it was a joke.

“The comforting flavors of warm, buttered French Toast with a touch of cinnamon, drizzled with sweet maple syrup.”

Wow, nicely forged label!

Sadly, on closer inspection, it wasn’t a forgery. This is what flavored coffees lead to. Cats and dogs, living together. Bah humbug.

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