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Category: 101 Tasks

100 Best Films You’ve Never Heard Of — Done!

Finished entering the 100 best films you’ve never heard of etc. Man, for a site with a cool concept, the interface for adding things to lists is painful. Well, no, more correctly, the search interface is atrocious. You can literally search on a full title, find nothing, then search on the first two words of the title and get the movie you want.

It could also use some data normalization. They key on Amazon entries, which is wise, since the revenue stream is Amazon affiliate links. However, there’s no linkage, so if you note that you’ve consumed a movie in one format there’s no record of it being consumed in any other.

… OK, that’s nitpicking. I know it’d be a huge amount of work. I’d love to see a way for users to do the work, though.

Job Hunt Progress

The job hunt is going quite well. I had a face to face interview Thursday, which I feel optimistic about; I also had a good phone interview today, and will be hearing back from them on Monday. Plus a couple more phone interviews next week. Plus maybe an interview in California. So I couldn’t feel too much better about my progress so far, although there’s obviously a ways to go.

Fix Port Updates

Some tasks are geekier than others. Right now, the BSD ports collection is not getting updated properly on my server. This has been a small nagging issue that doesn’t actually hurt anything for a couple of years; might as well get it fixed.

101 Tasks

The concept is: you make a list of 101 tasks, and you complete them in 1001 days. A year is too short, because if you’ve got a seasonal task like mowing the lawn once and you blow it one year you can’t do it again before your deadline. Also then you don’t get the fun symmetry effect. 101 in 1001. Oooh.

There is a whole site about this idea.

My start date is Sunday, February 1st, 2009. My end date is Sunday, October 30, 2011. I don’t have a full list yet but waiting for that to occur seems doomed to procrastinatory failure.

This blog is my tracking device, so as to avoid clogging up everywhere else I produce content. (Twitter! That’d be funny.)