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Tag: coffee

Kuma Coffee: Ethiopia Guji

Our current Bottomless shipment is a really great Ethiopian. Ethiopia is my favorite coffee country and this one really worked for me. My usual Ethiopian is a much darker roast from Lighthouse Roasters, and the lighter roast was kind of an eye-opener. The raspberry undertones come out way stronger than they would in a dark roast.

Kuma Coffee is local and when/if we get tired of the Bottomless routine I can easily see going there for our coffee needs.

Penstock Coffee Roasters: Sisola Mill, Indonesia

We signed up with Bottomless recently (referral link) because we wanted to get more forced variety in our coffee and because I’m a sucker for tech. I want to make sure I remember what we like so I’m going to try and get in the habit of dropping a quick review.

The first delivery was Penstock Coffee Roaster’s Sisola Mill from Indonesia. The base flavor is a really complex flavor, fairly sweet for coffee, and there’s a sour overtone that’s almost too much for my tastes. I also normally like a darker base. I enjoyed this nonetheless. I might not seek it out on purpose but I won’t be sad if it comes up in our rotation again.