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Got font?

The Got Milk? typeface is Phenix American. Looks like it needs a little kerning before it looks right, but that’s OK. Agfa will sell it to you for twenty-two bucks. I know I wanted this information for some reason, so I’ll just tuck it away here until I can remember why I wanted it.

Late edit: no, I will not send you the font. Someone spent a great deal of time creating the font, and if you want to use it you ought to pay for it.


  1. cole cole

    you dont need to pay!!! i got it for free!!

  2. bea bea

    dude pleaes hook me up with the got milk font. thanks a bunch.

  3. mike mike

    Hey, I was wondering if you could send me the “got milk” font. I can’t find any free downloads and I don’t want to pay the 22 dollars just to use it once.

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