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New York festive

Midnight in New York. It’s a Quicktime full-screen panorama; I don’t know if Windows users will be able to see it, but I think so. That whole site is just chock full of goodness. Ten years from now we’ll be looking back on this like we look at ViewMasters today, I imagine.

There, that’s my unrepentant futurism for the year. Speaking of futurism, go read the best weblog post of 2004. The year’s early yet, mind you, but damn Rob is smart.


  1. Well, this Windows user was able to see it. It took me 5 minutes to mute it, because it hogged all my processor, and it broke my mouse and keyboard drivers (hopefully those come back when I reboot), but I was able to see it, and it was awesome.

  2. anonymous anonymous

    This place blows

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