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In all fairness

Adriaan Tijsseling posted a comment about an hour after I bitched about ecto and offered to help. So kudos; that’s good support. If I’d read the help files, I’d have found the support email address, albeit it doesn’t appear on the ecto home page.

Good things about ecto: Textile preview support. Customizable HTML tag insertion. Per-blog default settings. Debug console.

Things I don’t like as much: Can’t see the continuation and the main entry in the same window. Still somewhat confused about the local copies vs. posted copies of any given entry. Current blog should be displayed somewhere so I don’t have to guess/remember. No free beer.

Few software packages provide that last, however.


  1. Current blog is displayed in the title bar of the main window. Shame about the free beer, tho…

  2. In which Adam links to an alternative view on the blogging software Ecto

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