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Lost Badass List: 5/18/2006

Last week’s list is here. This week’s list:

1. Sayid
2. Mr. Eko
3. Sawyer
4. Locke
5. Jun

Commentary and spoilers after the jump.

Sayid moves into first place, since Mr. Eko is sitting around in the hatch being mildly insane and Sayid figured out the whole Michael thing. Sawyer continues his move up the charts with his usual tools: rampant defiance and pissiness. But he also trotted out the classic “I’m enough of a badass to admit that I’m all alone” line, which is new coming from him. If this trend continues, he’ll be #2 next week.

Locke is slipping due to inaction, despite flashes of the calm quiet scary Locke we knew from Season One. Jun retains his #5 position, as always.

Not on the top five: Kate, because Sawyer is smarter than her; Jack, because he’s a whiny little jerk. Rousseau remains a strong candidate for the list in any week during which she actually appears. Michael no longer seems likely to crack the top five, given his rampant whining in this week’s episode. Hurley is a possible for next week, depending on how angry he turns out to be. As always, Others are not eligible. (Note: if the rumors are true and not-Henry becomes a regular, he may be an exception to this rule.)


  1. anonymous anonymous

    not-Henry is rather badass, true.

    Sawyer & Sayid both win for me this week, despite my adoration of the scary-implacable Eko character. Sawyer’s, “If we’re going to war, don’t you think we should invite the one guy who’s actually been in one?” line was perfect.

    Oooh, and Sayid’s “I believe Michael has been compromised” made me very very pleased. I still really want Locke to be heading off to the newly discovered hatch.

    With any luck, he’ll see footage of Michael’s offing of Ana-Lucia & Libby, and he & Sayid & Eko and others will have to zip off after Michael’s merry band of victims. Why? Because I seriously doubt Jack’s intelligent enough to really take Sayid’s advice about Michael’s state of mind.

    And poor Hurley. Sigh.

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