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Fantasia 2006: Ultraman Max

I didn’t know anything about Ultraman before seeing these four episodes. What I know now: there are five members of Team DASH, and they fight giant monsters, kinda like Kaiju Big Battel. Team DASH is a special group within the UDF. Giant monsters tend to ravage a specific area of Tokyo which is a cut below the classic Toho models.

Officer Kaito can turn into Ultraman Max, who is exceedingly tall and who kicks butt on almost everyone. He only gets to stick around for three minutes, though. And, um, that’s pretty much it.

Of the four episodes, the episode where a staff writer dreams he’s Officer Kaito dreaming he’s a staff writer was my favorite. Miike’s comedy episode with cat monsters (Fluffy, Mopsy, and Blackie, says S.) who eat memories also rocked. The other two were OK. Everything was low budget. I kind of want a toy King Ele. Nice way to finish off the evening.

Grade: B.

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