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Movie Reviews: 1/27/2014 to 2/2/2014

Movies reviewed this week: Jenny Lamour, Two Men in Manhattan, Rififi, Singapore, Macao, and The Shanghai Gesture.

2/1/2014: Jenny Lamour (1947): *****

Awesome procedural & evocative French theater setting.

2/1/2014: Two Men in Manhattan (1959): ***1/2

Not the best Melville ever. Kinda redeemed by the last half an hour.

2/1/2014: Rififi (1955): *****

Cold-eyed, brutal heist movie.

2/2/2014: Singapore (1947): ***

Not great but entertaining.

2/2/2014: Macao (1952): ***1/2

+1 star for Mitchum, +1 star for Russell, -1 star for no discernible plot. High levels of ambient snark.

2/2/2014: The Shanghai Gesture (1941): ****

Amazing phantasmagorical production design and intense, powerful acting dragged down by Gene Tierney’s failure to carry off her character’s fall into the abyss. Well worthwhile regardless.

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