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Category: Navel-Gazing

Tinkering with hosts

Tried moving the SQL database over to my G4, which is somewhat more powerful than the piddly little Performa that runs No real speed increase. I conclude that MovableType is slow cause of the perl. Not a dig on MT, there; I mean, this is a Performa. Might try mod_perl, though.

Whassup RSS?

Note to self: reinstall the RSS feed when the guy releases the more stable version. Current version is tanking on the Gaming Report feed, which causes my index page to not rebuild, which makes the Baby Jesus cry.

Quirks to fix: the bookmarklet

Quirks to fix: the bookmarklet doesn’t seem to be setting categories. It’d be nice if titleless bookmarklet entries took on the first five words of the post as the title, as per Blogger API entries. Blogger API entries need to permit TrackBack by default.

Edit: Blogger API entries now permit TrackBack by default.

Edit: the bookmarklet is working like I want it to; I think I was just confused before. Addendum: I may skip the whole Blogger API thing and write a little AppleScript to generate entries straight from BBEdit.

For some odd reason I’m

For some odd reason I’m not really comfortable posting long ranty things to my LiveJournal. There’s something weird going on in my head there. I think it’s because I have this constant awareness that I’m dropping an acrid pissed off political rant in the middle of a couple of dozen nice peaceful friends pages, between a perfectly harmless quiz answer and a thoughtful introspective discussion of someone’s day. “If I were a Sluggy Freelance character, I would be — holy shit, what the hell got up his ass?” That sort of thing. Also I keep finding myself self-conscious about profanity, cause I know some of my readers aren’t fond of the stuff.

Or, perhaps, I’m just a snob who derives much of his self-image from being an outsider. Personally, I vary in my opinions.

I also need a place to tuck links to various and sundry pages that don’t need to be in my bookmark list but which do need to be saved somewhere I can go find them. If Mozilla had a bookmark list and a list of folded over page corners, that’d be perfect. But it doesn’t, so I’m just going to stick them in my blog.

So one way or the other, some of the time I’m writing for other people and that fits LiveJournal pretty well. But right now, most of my impulses are directed at writing for myself. Thus, Population: One.