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Tag: dear brother

Dear Brother #11

Dear Brother #11 picks up after the PCs left Chicago and headed down to Mississippi. Chronologically speaking, these events occurred before those recorded in Dear Brother #10c, but we played them out after we played out the trip to Mexico. If I’d known we were going to do that I suppose I’d have held off on writing #10 until we’d finished playing the events leading up to it — but it doesn’t hurt the story at all, so no harm done.

On the other hand, we did wind up playing out the events described here after we played the events described in the upcoming Dear Brother #12. But this time I knew it was coming so I can write #11 and #12 in chronological order.

(None of this matters or impinges on the entertainment value one bit, so don’t worry. I’m just noting it so I’ll remember what happened years from now when I’m old and grey. And I’m not complaining, cause Rob makes it all work)

Dear Brother #10 (Intro)

The next three Dear Brothers are all writeups from one session. Only one of them is by Reese. Rob did the session in three parts. The first was a sideways trip to a pulp world in which we played Doc Lully’s Pulp Heros and explored the Hollow Earth; the second was a flashback to 1968, during which we played the Silver Age Knights of the Road, kin to the Merry Pranksters. The final segment was our usual characters, albeit in a situation they didn’t remember after the fact.

I’ve ambitiously adopted two new voices for the purpose of recounting the first two sessions. If they work half as well as Reese’s voice, I’ll be very pleased.