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Tag: potatoes

Twice-Baked Potatoes

It’s really easy to do twice-baked potatoes on the Egg, especially if you have like three hours to kill. Which, sure, sometimes.

Take your nice big russets. Put some olive oil on the outside, and whatever spice you want. I used some hickory garlic rub and that was nice. Wrap them in foil, and kick ’em into the Egg at 400 degrees for an hour. Turn them every 20 or 30 minutes. I did a WoW instance during that hour and I didn’t worry about the temperature once and it all worked out okay.

Then take the potatoes off and let them cool. While that’s happening, fry up some bacon. Then fry some onions and whatever else in the bacon grease; I used some old smoked chiles that Gretchen gave me, and some spinach. I would have used garlic but we were out, which is sad. You need to let the potatoes cool for like 20 minutes so you have time.

Mix up: a cup or so of sour cream or Greek yogurt. We used yogurt. Another cup or so of butter. Chop up the bacon and the spinach and so on. Salt and pepper if you want. Then hollow out the potatoes, leaving like a quarter inch of potato on all sides, and throw that in. Mash it all together. Oh, and some cheese!

Then put that glop back in the potatoes, and sprinkle some cheese on top, and let it go back in the Egg at like 350 or so for another 20 minutes. If you hurry it, like I did, it won’t totally set up and bake but it’ll still taste good.

I am pretty sure this is not healthy.