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Happy days

After three and a half weeks, my cable installation finally happened. Not currently recommending AT&T Broadband; they are very lucky that a) my landlord won’t let me get DishTV and b) RCN doesn’t go to my street yet. But hey, it’s there now and I’m happy about that.

I also got to activate my TiVo. People say this a lot, but it’s an incredibly great invention, implemented quite well. I had my little TiVo epiphany while I was setting up some season passes (which allow you to specify a given show to record for the whole year). By the time I was halfway done, it was five minutes past the hour and I was missing Smackdown. But wait — I had Smackdown on a season pass, and it was recording, so I could just go watch it from the beginning. Superb.

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  1. mony mony

    And even if you weren’t and had the channel up while you were doing your season passes, you could rewind! 🙂


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