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Pym Fortuyn’s party is collapsing, which is no great surprise when you get right down to it. Fortuyn himself was assassinated this summer, right before the Dutch elections, which did not prevent his party from becoming the second largest party in the Dutch government. But without Fortuyn at the center of the party, it’s dissolved into squabbles and factionalism.

What this says to me is that Fortuyn was never a politician. He was a charismatic figure who was able to assemble a coalition by force of personality, but he wasn’t a politician. His party had no strength at the core, no ability to function without him.

There’s no question that his death was tragic, but I’m pretty certain I’m correct in classifying the man as a right-wing demogogue.



    The tragedy of Pym Fortuyn’s death lies beyond your comprehension. A man assinated because of his beliefs, his convictions, and you revel in his parties dissolution. You are worse than his murderer, for you had not the fortitude to destroy what you could not refute. The assasin had no better refutation than murder. If your position, your philosophy, was superior, then how can your position,only, be improved by a moral mans death.

  2. One hardly knows where to start. But one will try nonetheless.

    a) You just said I was worse than a murderer because I didn’t kill someone. That’s inane.

    b) Who’s revelling in the party’s dissolution? I’m observing that it dissolved. There is some distance between that and revelry.

    c) I’m not sure what Fortuyn’s tragic death has to do with my position. He’d have been a demagogue whether or not he died (well, he could have changed); the fact that the party dissolved is evidence of that, but it does not affect my position otherwise.

    d) If you’d care to offer an alternate explanation as to why his political party was unable to survive in any form without him, feel free.

  3. Gortyn Gortyn

    Perhaps the label of “right wing demagogue” is inappropriate… connotations of “right wing demagogue” include Adolph Hitler and the Jean-Marie Le Pen… the politics of Pym Fortuyn are FAR removed from what we associate with the Nazis or Front Nationale. Pym Fortuyn was an extremely eccentric and highly original policy maker who does not easily fit into the naive and simplistic right-left dichotomy. It is absurd to snidely dismiss him as a “right wing demagogue.”

  4. johnnyboy johnnyboy

    pym may have been a commie-fag,but he was right about the danger of muslim immigration.

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