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Cousins, identical cousins

We have a new contender for goofiest team relocation move ever. ESPN reports that the Montreal Expos may move to Boston for a year. This would be great for the owners of the Red Sox, since they’d get rent from the Expos. The Expos are currently owned by Major League Baseball itself, which would love to see attendance drop so that there’d be more of an excuse to contract the Expos out of existence. The fans are not deeply important in this equation.

This would be the second time in recent history that Major League Baseball has arranged for the Expos to benefit Boston. The first was the Cliff Floyd trade, which was ludicrous from Montreal’s point of view but a big win for Boston.

I can’t imagine that Boston would suddenly take to the Expos. Not that it wouldn’t be flattering to have two baseball teams, but it would also clearly be only temporary. So who’d care? I guess I might get a lot of cheap tickets to meaningless games…


  1. anonymous anonymous

    Expos … meaningless? Given that Atlanta is
    aging and some of their valuable players may not
    be with them next year, who’s the next best team
    in the NL East?


  2. God bless ’em, but they were only 4 games over .500 this year. And they traded Floyd for nothing. For better or worse, the NL East is a tossup between mediocrity.

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