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Sorry, BSG

I’m thinking perhaps it was just a matter of getting the Boston Sports Guy out of town. He has nobly sacrificed himself to break all the jinxes. The aforementioned Billy Beane move is close to done.

And how about that Patriots game? Football is the cruellest sport. Each game has such mythic weight. It’s easy to watch the successes, like the Patriots of last year, and forget how brutal losing games can be. This afternoon’s game was a must-win; the Patriots could not expect to make the playoffs if they’d lost. Chicago’s playing for nothing but pride. It would hurt to see the Patriots kicked out of the playoffs by Oakland next week, but it would be so much worse if it’d come at the hands of the feeble Bears.

Almost happened. That’s cruel. Brady went a little further towards creating a legend. That’s glorious. Gotta love football.

The Celtics beat the Lakers, then won their fourth in a row. The Bruins are hot. The Red Sox are about to have a really good GM. Not a bad weekend.

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