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Multiple choice, even

Pop quiz!

What’s the difference between attending a rally organized by some pretty unpleasant Communists who support Hussein (a hard core dictator) and supporting the dictatorial Putin?

Apparently, a week or so. You know, Putin cheated in his elections too. Just saying.

Another pop quiz!

What’s the difference between supporting Putin’s right to crush his rebels however he wants and supporting Iranian students threatening an uprising? Just a day, in that case.

Does Putin have more moral ground than Iraq or Iran? Oh, sure. I don’t actually think that the Chechen rebels are precisely as admirable (or despicable) as Iranian students protesting the Iranian regime. But please, let’s make our praise of Putin a little more sophisticated then “Our country, our dead, our solution.” Cause that line of reasoning applies to the dictators you don’t like, too.

I begin to think that “Anti-Idiotarian” is code for “low rent Rush Limbaugh.”

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