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This, that, some tabasco

Saturday was busy; Sunday was pleasantly quiet. Either way it wasn’t a talkative web weekend for me. I woke up at 4:45 AM on Saturday for some network maintenance at work, which went very well indeed; I went to bed around midnight, after the Ring of Honor show. Lotta video games in between. Sunday I just slept and caught up on movies and watched wrestling. You know how it is. (I feel a little like I should belch around here.)

Raiders beat the Patriots last night. The Pats managed to score 20 points with no offensive touchdowns. Tom Brady had best be using this year as a learning experience; he gets a free pass for a year for winning a Super Bowl but god help him if he doesn’t improve next year. The Bledsoe trade may wind up driving Belichick out of New England yet.

Greg Beato takes the time to analyze Glenn Reynolds’ readership claims. My. I’m going to have to visit his weblog more often; he does a better job of skewering Professor Reynolds than I do.

Speaking of which, a friend on LJ asked me why I read this stuff, referring to the rants of Mischa and others. My answer may be found there, but boils down to “I think it’s important that someone goes out and points out the inconsistencies, the hatred, and the poor logic. Criticisms must exist, and they must be discoverable.”

The subway gas scare in London may have been unjustified. London police are saying that there’s no evidence the three men arrested were planning on gassing the Tube, and they did not actually possess any gas. The terrorist materials for which they were arrested were false ID papers.

Winter has come to Boston. I am glad of the winter jacket I bought last week.

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