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It really pleases me to see the WWE TV writers working on the WWE’s press releases. That’s just a hugely impressive document. It starts out pretty sane, discussing some WWF strongarm tactics, but around about the third paragraph it takes a sharp left into a very odd place.

“The demand was contained in a letter sent by a Mr. Michael Rogers, an English Barrister who has resided in Switzerland for 30 years and who holds no Swiss license to practice law. Rogers is held out to be the Fund’s ‘Legal Advisor.’”

From there the press release just goes for broke:

“‘Today, according to public records, he [Rogers] is the only authorized Switzerland representative for an entity known as “The Gaia Movement Trust Living Earth Green World Action”, a phony environmental fundraising scheme reportedly under the influence and control of Tvind, a shadowy international syndicate under investigation around the world, whose leaders are sitting in a Danish jail. In between, Rogers was involved, in the mid-1980s, in establishing an Islamic charity known as Dar Al Maal Al Islam or DMI, which is being named in numerous lawsuits after the events of September 11, 2001, as one of the principal vehicles used to funnel Saudi money to fund the Al-Quaida terrorists. Further investigations are underway.’”

Links are mine. The absence of any linkage showing any connection between Michael Rogers and Dar Al Maal Al Islam (which should be, I think, Dar al-Mal al-Islami) is due to the fact that, well, I couldn’t find any.

Still, just a classic press release. It’s not often that you see the losing party in a lawsuit come out of the corner with that much aggression.

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