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The vaults open

One of the annoying things about being a wrestling fan is the difficulty of watching the classics. Wrestling is meant to be entertainment, right? What kind of entertainment makes it so difficult to see the old stuff? (Well, comics, but that’s another rant.) There are just insane amounts of really good footage locked up in Vince McMahon’s vaults, and most of it never emerges. Here and there a Ric Flair match, here and there some old Hogan stuff, but never any classic wrestling for the sake of classic wrestling.

That makes this really exciting. Bill Watts’ Mid-South Wrestling (later UWF) was very good stuff, and now his ex-wife is making videotapes available online. Not just “best of” or “wrestler we think you should like.” The whole damned thing. 93 Mid-South house show tapes. 101 Mid-South TV tapes. More to come. Wow.

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  1. linda trahan linda trahan

    Im looking for any pic or vids on a wrestler called the great marco from sometime between 1960 to 1980’s. He was a masked wrestler. His real name was Chester Marcantel. If anyone has anything please e-mail me. thanks

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