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Forest, trees

Daily Kos recommends that Democrats “back off Lott, and for heaven’s sake, don’t call for his resignation. He’s more valuable to us alive than dead.” I think this is allowing the thrill of the competition to distract one from the destination. Politics are, in ever-glorious and rather deeply flawed theory, a tool for governing the country well. Putting aside the goal of doing good by the country for the sake of political victories is, well, the sort of thinking that reminds me why I’m an anarchist. It’s too damned easy to slip into tactical thought when considering politics: “What would be best for the Republibertariocratic Green Party?:


  1. Maxwell Maxwell

    Absolutely in agreement with you, Byron. The point is to do the right thing, not the politically expedient thing. Thanks for speaking up.

  2. I’m Bryant, not Mark Byron, which I guess is a different blog. Just wanted to make sure that wasn’t confusing. But thanks!

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