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It's a kind of magic

The latest entry in Key 20’s 12 Games of Christmas series is Bloggomancy, a school of magic for Unknown Armies. Yeah, it’s what it sounds like. Both amusing and fairly playable, albeit a little slanted towards LiveJournal. Easy enough to fix that, though.

Mind you, it says you can get a major charge for writing a new weblog/journal client. That probably ought to be revised; I’m not a programmer, and I could crank one of those out per day if I wanted. Easy fix: you only get the major charge if more than 500 people use it regularly. That also fits the theme of the other major charge gathering methods.


  1. (t.rev) (t.rev)

    ‘Deadjournal’ is sheer genius.

    So what do you figure the odds are that this gets widely blogged? UA could use the advertising, probably.

  2. It might. My readership is teeny, but one never knows. I dunno if it has enough context to appeal to the non-gamer, though.

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