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The voice of the people

I was thinking about doing my year’s best film list, so I wandered over to IMDB to look at their list of the top movies of 2002 by popular vote. It’s just weird.

I am not surprised that some movie fans decided to push their favorite flick to the top of the charts. Duh; it’s an online vote. That’s what happens. But from all appearances, we have a bunch of separate groups all pushing frantically without any hint of trying to pull down someone else. You’d think that the Nine Inch Nails fans might want to cement their number 1 position by voting against the obscure Polish flick, maybe. And where are all the people who hate Michael Moore? How did Bowling for Columbine rack up a 9.0 average over 4,986 votes?


  1. I can concoct reasonable explanations for NIN versus Poland…

    But once we reach Bowling for Columbine, I’m at a total loss. Even if it were really so brilliant that everyone who saw it gave it a ten, I’d expect at least 500 people or so to vote it a 1 without having seen it just because they hate Moore’s politics. But maybe the IMDB denizens just really don’t think that way.

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