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Then again, maybe not

Oliver Willis (blogging maniac) is already pushing the SMS thang, in his unofficial John Edwards weblog. Mind you, it’s one guy, but one guy can have a lot of leverage these days.

Looks like he’s using Upoc to do mass SMS messaging. I guess it’s a start, but he’s going to need to get email and AIM into the mix, too. The legendary Randomness observes, in response to my thoughts earlier today, that “there just isn’t the SMS culture in the States that there is in South Korea, Japan, or Europe.” Truth. But I think it’s gonna be email and AIM on mobile devices that makes it happen in the US.

We don’t have an SMS culture. We do have a serious instant messaging culture. We’re gonna see widespread AIM/email on cell phones before we see a lot of American kids using SMS. The free Nokia I got for signing up with T-Mobile (the 3390) came with AIM built in, so I think it’s hit the commodity point.

Anyhow, I signed up for his group, not so much because I’m an Edwards supporter but because I want to see how it gets used.

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  1. I’m setting up an email thing – but any clues on how I could AIM a lot of people? Thanks for the “maniac” thing, its one to add to many on my resume… 🙂

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