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Gathering of the tribes

I’m at the Apple Store watching the Macworld Expo keynote broadcast. Lots of audience shots onscreen right now, so I got into the spirit of the thing and snapped two pics, visible at Hiptop Nation. I’ll update this if Jobs says anything interesting.

My, this is an excited crowd locally. Steve can’t hear you clapping, you know.

OK, an iPod jacket with controls on the sleeve is cool.

More integration between the iApps is pretty cool. Updates for all of ‘em, it sounds like… ah, except iTunes, which had hiden features in 3.0. iPhoto 2, with integration plus really slick retouch. Wow, very solid integration.

iMovie has chapters, heh. Better audio editing, good. New UI! About time. Integration with iTunes is slick. I wonder if that service is available to other apps? Pans over still photos, with iPhoto integration as a photo source.

iDVD 3, again with integration. Direct export from iMovie into iDVD. Chapters! 24 new themes. Hugely slick menu building.

The whole schmear is now named iLife, available 1/25, free with new Macs. All still free exceot iDVD, which comes as a bundle with everything else in the suite for $49.

New browser! Safari. Very fast, and yeah, they benchmarked it vs. Chimera. Integrated Google. Ew, brushed metal UI. He likes his bookmark implementation but it doesn’t seem so innovative. Still, it’s very fast and looks like a solid entry-level browser. Supports XHTML. It’s KHTML-based. Yeah, he’s putting all the improvements back into the community. Free beta download as of now.

Keynote — new presentation app. Steve’s been using it to do keynotes for a year. I guess we’re well into the screw Microsoft portion of the keynote. Yep, cause it imports Powerpoint. And exports. Nice. Cost is $99, available today.

New portable? Sort of, 17” Powerbook. Sexy! Thinner than the old model, too. 1440×900 display. Look up the specs on; it’s worth it. 802.11g! And a new Airport! Yeah! $199 for the new Airport. Insane.

One more thing… a new 12” Powerbook, which is the amallest notebook in the world. Cute.

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  1. Smallest notebook in the world? No. Smallest notebook with integrated optical drive? Maybe.

    That integrated optical drive does add to the weight. The 12″ Powerbook is about a pound heavier than other 12″ laptops.

    (I currently have a spreadsheet of about 6 laptops with their specs for easier comparison purposes.)

    Of course the 12″ Powerbook is still pretty sexy.

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