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But what's more

Addendum to the below: the direct trigger point was in fact a US diplomat pushing the issue; we called North Korea on their nuclear program. OK, that’s fair.

I think that the essential conclusion is the same, though. I’m honestly not sure why Bush isn’t standing up and saying “This happened because we pushed them, and it’s a perfectly acceptable price.” At this point I think that’s a reasonable stance.

Instead, we’ve got what appears to be some pretty messy back and forth, going from refusal to talk to Bush-sanctioned negotations.

Also, you gotta wonder whether we’re better off with North Korea possessing but not actively building nukes, which is a stable situation that can always be addressed when we’re not about to invade Iraq, or with North Korea actively gearing up to build nukes while we’re engaged in preparations for war in the Middle East. There’s middle ground between aggressively pursuing every problem in the world at once and letting things slide forever.

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