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The gentleman from California

Mister Sterling isn’t bad. I was kind of expecting something more draggy, and it is a touch preachy at times, but as TV dramas go it’s not bad. I like the cast, I like the characters, and I was OK with the setup. I can say that last mostly because of the nice little twist in the middle of the first episode, which I personally took as a metatextual zing at everyone who thought the show would be The West Wing II.

The back and forth between Senator Sterling and his new chief of staff regarding his beliefs lived up to the promise of the twist. Keep up the ambiguity and it’ll be a decent drama; lose track of the differences between the new Senator and the party with which he votes and it’ll wind up sucking. I’ll be interested to see how long the writers are willing to portray someone in the Senator’s unusual political position as laudable.

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