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Man of iron

Apparently Robin Laws will soon be writing Iron Man. Yes, as in the Marvel Comics Iron Man. Tony Stark. Buh!

For those of us not versed in roleplaying games, Robin Laws has been an influential figure in the industry for the last decade or so. He contributed to the classic RPG Over the Edge, which found its inspiration in William S. Burroughs and David Lynch, an entirely new source of ideas for the roleplaying community. He went on to write GURPS Fantasy II, which kicked the normal fantasy RPG tropes in the balls and then went off to get drunk by itself on cheap tequila. With Feng Shui, he abruptly shed the “weird non-commercial designer” tag and demonstrated his ability to write sound mechanics that actively support a game’s genre. Since then he’s worked on Star Trek, various White Wolf games, and whatever else caught his interest.

I look forward to his foray into the world of comics.

Edit: minor correction. Apparently he’s a five issue fill-in writer, and no permanent writer has been announced. Still!

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