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The really important question

Eric McErlain thinks Tampa Bay’s gonna win the Super Bowl. Might as well get my pick up to be mocked: it’s gonna be the Raiders. I even think they’ll beat the line.

Why? Because they have the team of destiny patina. They’re pissed off about the playoffs last year, the veterans know they need to get it done now or perhaps never, and the team is tight. Contrast this to the distraction Keyshawn is capable of causing. Check out his ESPN diary and tell me that isn’t someone who thinks he’s bigger than the team. Note that he didn’t mention his quarterback once. I hear Brad Johnson isn’t that bad a player.

That means that it’s up to Tampa Bay’s defense to make up for any problems on the offensive side, and that isn’t gonna be easy. Raiders win it going away.


  1. I gave up on watching football a few years ago, but judging from what I caught of the Raiders-Titans game, I should have started again this season. I’m looking forward to the Super Bowl. Obviously, I don’t know enough about anything to make intelligent predictions, but I think fate owes Tim Brown a Super Bowl ring.

  2. That was just ugly.

    I’m going to blame the whole thing on the lack of a two-week break, myself.

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