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Baddish news on the UN front, from my point of view. Well, potentially bad. France, Germany, and Russia are working on a Security Council resolution which would do a number of things none of which include sanctioning a war on Iraq. It does include peacekeepers, which is interesting. Powell is upset that he learned about it from a press report. Takes respect to give respect, which Powell no doubt knows but he’s gotta register a complaint anyhow.

I regard this as potentially bad because I would like to see the Security Council agree on something, and increased divisiveness between the various factions ain’t gonna help anything. On the other hand, there’s a distinct possibility that this is a diplomatic ploy. The countries wanting something other than a US-led non-sanctioned war on Iraq haven’t had any coherent counter-proposal yet. If the Security Council winds up considering something like this, it gives in particular Turkey and the rest of the potential US allies in the region something to rally behind.

As Bush has demonstrated with his aggressive diplomacy vis a vis Saddam, it helps to have a stick. A resolution which might sap support for the US is definitely a stick. The question in my mind, however, is whether there’s a carrot in the other hand. Hope so.


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