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800 pound gorilla

Google just bought Pyra. Or, to put it in clearer terms, Google just bought Blogger. I, um, yeah.

The bad speculation is that Blogger posts will get indexed in more or less real time. I suspect that won’t happen, because there are certain technological barriers in the way, but it might. It seems more than likely that Blogger will at least be used for page discovery.

The catch-22 is that either Google intends to take advantage of synergies, which would seem liable to give Blogger users an advantage in search results, or Google just bought Pyra cause they’re doing cool things, which is not the sort of thing a canny dot com should be doing. One shouldn’t get an advantage on the search page just because one’s using a certain tool. Well, time will tell.


  1. I doubt they would give preferece to blog*spot-blogs or blogs created through They (Google) have been very good so far with e.g. not mixing commercial ads with “pure” search results.

    Hopefully, though, the messyness of weekly/monthly archives created with blogger is something they will change to daily/individfual archives. It will make the pages easier to search and return more precise results than now.

  2. Yeah — I’m more worried that it’ll be so damned tempting, not for the sake of giving Blogger an advantage, but because it’d be so easy to hook the infrastructures together. De facto, if Blogger posts are indexed more quickly and reliably, it pushes the population towards that tool. But if Google doesn’t hook the infrastructures together, what’s the point of the purchase?

    There’s a lot of good stuff that’ll happen too, of course. In particular, Blogspot may have enough hardware now.

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