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Tales of ink and paper

Saith Steve Lieber, comic book creator:

Thanks for asking. I’m working with a novelist on his first comic book project, and doing the research for another one that’ll be all me.

A fan replies:

Sounds good… Any publishers lined-up, or is that much further down the line?
(And any hints on the novelist’s identity?)

And Lieber spills:

No publishers lined up yet, but I guess there’s no reason to be coy. It’s Sean Stewart. He’s an s.f./fantasy writer, probably best known for GALVESTON, an amazing novel that won the World Fantasy Award in 2001. (Actually folks here might know him better as the story guy behind the webgame for the Spielberg film A.I.) He’s taken a serious interest in comics recently, and has a really good feel for how they work.

Woo hoo!

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