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Meme watching

Last night on American Idol, after each contestant sung, they did the usual “call this number to vote for this singer” bit. But this season, they’ve added another fillip: “Or text this number!” Just like that, no explanation of what the word means. Fox knows its target audience, I guess. Or they’re just trying to look hipper.


  1. I should probably be ashamed to have this knowledge, but this is the fourth voting show this season – the first show, they did give a more detailed explanation of what they were talking about. Besides which, I think it’s mostly a case of “If they don’t understand what texting is, they probably won’t try to do it.” Kind of like signs giving directions to TDD phones don’t explain what they are – people who don’t need them might be /confused/, but they won’t be /prevented/ from fulfilling the user experience.

  2. kit kit

    And you just loooooooove that, don’t you, Bryant? πŸ™‚

  3. I do!

    We really need American Author, though. With like William Buckley in the Simon role.

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