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  1. Actually, the spire will be taller than any existing building, but the buildings themselves will be much shorter.

  2. Yah. It comes down to the definition of “building,” which sounds awfully weaselly, doesn’t it? I didn’t want to get distracted by lengthy examination of spires versus antennae versus office buildings, though.

    It’s unclear to me from the article exactly how tall the buildings are, and it’s not clear if they’re counting the antenna-looking bit of the spire in the overall height. I punt: there are gonna be very tall portions, and I’m proud of that.

  3. anonymous anonymous

    I don’t know; if they are going to count the Petronas Towers’ spires as part of the ‘highest building in the world’, they should count this one.

  4. That’s about what I think. For some reason, this database doesn’t list the height of the Petronas Towers sans spire. Ah well.

    This puppy might push the new WTC for tallest in a decade or so.

  5. Dor Dor

    Looking at the model, I’d say that the buildings aren’t going to be much taller than the World Financial Center buildings, which is tall, but nowhere near as tall as the Twin Towers were.

  6. It’s a nice tall plan.

    btw, I have turned on HTML in comments.

  7. I like them because they look like the Fortress of Solitude from the movies.


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