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I liked screwing Stephen King

Salon has a little puff piece of a Cronenberg interview on line, of interest probably mostly to the fanatics like me, except for one excerpt which I will provide here.

When I did “The Dead Zone,” I was very happy with the film. I was very happy with the experience of mixing my blood with somebody else’s, in this case Stephen King. When you use someone else’s work as the basis, it’s something you would never do on your own, but something you really feel an incredible empathy for and connection with. The two of you mix together — why, it’s just like sex, I suddenly realized! — and you make something that didn’t exist before.

That says so much about how Cronenberg sees the world, doesn’t it? The easy natural metaphor: mixing blood. Working, creatively, with another human: “mixing my blood.” And then he realizes, yes! It’s sex! And he was very happy to be making love to Stephen King…

Via John Tynes.

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