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Not exactly the blues

So, how are those wacky Bush-hating Dixie Chicks weathering the storm of controversy surrounding their recent comments about our fine President? Sales plummeting? Losing money?

Well. Actually, no, not in any sense. Their newest album is still #1 on the March 22 Billboard Country charts. That album, Home, is #3 on the Amazon popular music sales chart — and rising, up 11% from yesterday according to JungleScan. Wide Open Spaces is #39 on the Amazon charts, and Fly is #49.

I added Wide Open Spaces and Fly to JungleScan, just for the fun of keeping track.

Edit: Bah, Atrios scooped me. Props to the mad liberal.

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  1. The Dixie Chicks are still #1 on the country charts, but Home took a dive on the Amazon rankings lately….

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