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Road to trouble

One of the common worries expressed by anti-war protestors was the possibilty of backlash during the war. We were forced to close our embassy in Pakistan yesterday, and all US citizens are advised to leave Pakistan. Why? Seems there are intensifying protests over there, and things are getting violent.

Meanwhile, the Instapundit thinks Iraqis who are happy to be liberated are my worst nightmare. As Unqualified Offerings notes, my worst nightmares involve things like militant Islamic coups in Pakistan, a nation that has a number of nuclear weapons. Iraqi citizens happy to be liberated? That’s a good thing.

By the by, that BBC diary page I recommended earlier changes daily; you’re better off going to the top page and finding the link to the current one there. Surrenders are picking up (which is making the advance a lot easier), there’s still resistance in the port city of Umm Qasr, and somewhat worrisomely, we’ve targetted a radical Islamist group in Iraq. This is the sort of thing that will encourage the protests in Pakistan and elsewhere; I’m not saying it’ll have a bad result, cause how would I know? I’m just saying it’s inflammatory and serves to drive militant Islamic sympathies for Iraq.

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  1. Well, of course it’s not your worst nightmare. That’s why “peace” was in scare quotes. He’s referring not to the peace movement as a whole, but specifically to every member of the peace movement who doesn’t directly challenge his assertion.

    Personally, “Scum go back to France” is my worst nightmare. I wonder how many happy Iraqi citizens it will take to erase that terror?

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