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Clock's ticking

I probably should have created a War category, but screw it, too late now. Onward.

A couple readers have mentioned that they were intending to donate to Christopher Allbritton but hadn’t gotten around to it. Donate now if you intend to; he’s about to leave on his trip and it turns out — who’d have guessed? — that he won’t be able to get to PayPal once he’s in Iraq.


  1. So you can’t categorize posts after the fact? Hmm. I was considering moving my blog to Movable Type at some point sfter my iBook’s repaired/replaced. Although I’d miss bStats telling me the unlikely searches leading the unwary to my blog.

  2. I can, but it’s kind of a pain because I do not choose clever titles for my posts and I’m left wondering what the hell post “Third rock from the pizza” is. But that’s a limitation of me, not of the software.

    I use Webalizer to do stats — it generates a list of unlikely searches for me. Very nice.

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