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More literary spam

I got another bit of spam today, entitled “bryant, mountain view lender with 4.5% low interest rates”. The body of the spam was this:

Envy, spit thy gall;
Plot, work, contrive; create new fallacies,
Teem from thy Womb each minute a black Traitor,
Whose blood and thoughts have twins conception:
Study to act deeds yet unchronicled,
Cast native Monsters in the molds of Men,

This is an excerpt from A most pleasant comedy of Mucedorus the King’s son of Valentia, and Amadine, the King’s daughter or Arragon, Act V Scene II. It is attributed to Shakespeare, but this is apocryphal. I must say, my spammers choose interesting texts.

The mystery was solved when I checked the message for additional parts. There turned out to be an HTML page embedded within; my mail reader doesn’t show those unless there’s no text alternative. The HTML page speaks glowingly of low interest rates. I’m thinking that this is from the same people who sent me that other odd one, although I didn’t save the other one to check. Clever attempt to get through my spam filters, but alas, my spam filters check HTML documents and it was thus filed in my spam folder where I plucked it out for my own amusement.

Whoever is choosing the masking texts for these spams has a great sense of humor.

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