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Another log on the fire

Rumsfeld just told Syria to stop sending arms to Iraq, and stated that he considered supplying arms to Iraq to be “hostile acts.” Does that mean we’re threatening military action? “I’m saying exactly what I’m saying. It was carefully phrased.”

Three things.

First: Rumsfeld ain’t Secretary of State. Why isn’t Powell saying this? (Yeah, OK, so it’s a rhetorical question.)

Second: if Syria’s actions are a hostile act, what is it when Russia supplies arms to Iraq?

Third: I liked Rumsfeld better when he was being blunt. Can we have the blunt Rumsfeld back? I don’t think I trust him to send subtle messages.

Oh, yeah, and he warned Iran too. See, that’s a blunt warning, that was good.

Man. We all knew that Iraq was only the first step in a series of Middle Eastern wars, but this is heating up a little more quickly than I expected.

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