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Getting one's feet dirty

Gary Hart has a weblog. He has made the fundamental mistake of turning on comments. Word to the wise: some of the most popular bloggers on the Internet don’t have comments. You can do without ‘em, and if you have ‘em, people will expect you to respond to them. The pitfall of opening lines of communication is that you might be forced to close them, and that’s worse than never opening ‘em at all.

But hey — good luck. And upgrade Movable Type, there’s a security hole in the version you’re using.


  1. Kevin Thurman Kevin Thurman


    We are upgrading as we speak


    We were giving comments a test out … we’d love to be able to have them. It seems that the world is 50/50 on this. Some praise us, some say shut them down.

    Thanks for the input.

  2. No probs. I’d seriously recommend… maybe renaming them, so there isn’t as much expectation of replies? But man, it’ll just get to be a big bandwidth and time sink for you, I think.

    I think they’re great if you can support them, though.

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