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Running jumping standing still

If you happened to read Global Frequency this week, you might be interested to hear that Le Parkour is not something Warren Ellis made up — it’s a real little urban subculture, originating in France but spreading to England, Russia, and no doubt other places.

If you didn’t read Global Frequency, Le Parkour is a sort of extreme athletic activity that involves doing incredibly foolhardy things on rooftops without a net. If you’ve seen those Nike commercials, that’s Le Parkour. And of course Luc Besson’s gotten his hands into it. Cool looking stuff.


  1. “Some advices:
    – Train everyday.
    – Good shoes are essential!!
    – …don’t forget that you are not a professional
    – Be careful with the police. They are quite cool over here but we don’t know about your country 😉
    – Private properties usually have massive dogs, and they are not as cool. :-(“

    Some cool videos on the site, as well.

  2. spacman spacman

    i’m looking for some good shoes, maybe the puma disc turn hiking boots but every where i look online has them in only one size 6.5 which is half of my foot can you point me in the right direction…..

  3. spacman spacman

    hey i want to know if there are any Parkour communities in canada? if so email me…..

  4. anonymous anonymous

    It’s called freeflow for a reason………. DON’T GIVE MOVES NAMES

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