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What's in a demon

Warped setting idea for Sorcerer: high school cliques. Remember, in Sorcerer the demons don’t have to be demons per se. So in this setting, the demons are the clique leaders — the cheerleaders, the quarterbacks, the people who control the lunch tables. The sorcerers are the new kids in school. They have a choice: they can suck up to the cool kids (Binding, Containing, and so on) or they can maintain their Humanity (the amount of time they spend with actually interesting people).

Disclaimer: this concept might make Ron Edwards turn green, I dunno. It is not intended to accurately model high school. Plenty of popular kids in high school were also interesting. Etc.

One Comment

  1. The tricky part being to make that loss of time with interesting people feel like a price is being paid.

    After all, it’s easy in-game to show the perks from hanging out with the jocks and going out with the cheerleaders. Roleplaying through painful attempts to have conversations with Biff for several hours might be more challenging, in terms of keeping players’ interest.

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