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Fame and fortune

The 2003 Basketball Hall of Fame inductees were announced today. Unsurprisingly, Robert Parish was elected in his first year of eligibility. James Worthy also made it in, as well he should have. So did Chick Hearn. I can’t quibble with his inclusion but they really ought to at least nominate Johnny Most next year; if you’re going to include broadcasters who were identified with great teams, you need to include Most for his association with the Celtics.

Mo Cheeks probably should have gotten in. He’s a multiple all star, he is second in steals all time, and he is sixth in assists all time. His Philly team won a title, too. DJ should also have made it — he was maybe the best defensive guard of the 1980s, plus he won titles with two teams and was the scoring star of the Sonics the year he won a title with them. DJ may never get in cause he’s a prickly guy; Cheeks might get in someday. Le sigh.

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  1. Cal Graham Cal Graham

    I read your comment about Most not being nominated with Hearn. I feel strongly Most should have been not only nominated but elected. His Havlicek Stole the Ball’ call and his “bird to DJ. He lays it in” are used to introduce nationally televised TV games even today, 11 years after his death.
    Both Hearn and Most rooted for their teams. The difference: Hearn would get angry when the lakers made a careless mistake; Most would make excuses.
    There’s a book–High Above Courtside”—which makes a good case for why Most is an NBA pioneer and a unique, clever, classic announcer.

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